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Welcome to the world of the Berger Picard. In the fall of 2009, I drove to Chicago to pick up my first Picard puppy, a 12-week-old female, named Beyonce, aka, "Cati", who had just flown in from Germany. From the moment she stepped out of her crate, I was enamored with her - from her oversized floppy ears (at the time), to the tip of her very long tail; she was a scruffy-looking beauty. As we spent more time together, her personality began to emerge, and I discovered the fierce loyalty and sense of humor she possessed. After visiting with more Picard owners, I found that this is for the most part typical of the breed, right down to their "smile".

I think that I am one of the few Picard owners, who did not see the Winn Dixie movie before I owned the dog, but now that I have seen the movie, I encourage anyone that is thinking about bringing this wonderful breed into your household, watch the movie first. It is amazing that in many mischievous ways, the dog character in the movie realistically depicts this breed!

Both of my Picard's are registered with the AKC Foundation Stock, and have been health tested for normal hips, elbows, and cardiac, along with thyroid, and CERF clearances. If you are thinking of making the Berger Picard, a member of your household, and you have questions, please follow the link to the Berger Picard Club of America website, or just pick up the phone and give me a call. I love to talk about this amazing breed!

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